What does the Giovanni Cassini Biography have to do with Saturn?

Giovanni Cassini

The Giovanni Cassini Biography shows him to be a brilliant astronomer, astrologer, and engineer who made groundbreaking observations in the field of astronomy.

Giovanni Cassini's background

According to the Giovanni Cassini Biography, he was born June 8th, 1625 in Perinado, Italy and died Semptember 14th, 1712. When he was young, his first interest was astrology rather than astronomy which led to his first job at the Penzano Observatory.

He later adopted France as his home, where his name became interchangeable with Jean Dominique Cassini, even though that was the name of his great grandson.


Pope Clement IX hired Cassini to work with fortifications, river management, and flooding of the Po River. The Pope asked Cassini to take holy Orders and work with him permanently, but Cassini him down because of his interest in astronomy.

According to the Giovanni Cassini Biography, he began work on a topographical map of France. His son, Jacques Cassini continued his work; and his grandson, Cassini de Thury eventually finished it and published it as the Carte de Cassini. It was the first topographic map of an entire country.

Now onto the exciting part of Cassini's life...

Astronomy and astrology

According to the Giovanni Cassini Biography, he was an astronomer at the Penzano Observatory, a professor of astronomy at the University of Bologna, director of the Paris Observatory, and astrologer/astronomer for the court of Louis the XIV.

Along with Robert Hook, Cassini is credited with the discovery of Jupiter's Great Red Spot. he was first to observe four of Saturn's moons which he named Sidera Lodoicia. He also discovered the Cassini Divide, plus was the first to observe the differential rotation in Jupiter's atmosphere. He along with a colleague, jean Richer, made simultaneous obserations of Mars. These observations lead to the first accurate measurements of the Solar System. He also was the first to make successful measurements of longitude using a method described by Galileo.

Named after Cassini

  • Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn
  • The Cassini Division in saturn's rings
  • Cassini Regio, dark are on Lapedus
  • Cassini crater on Mars
  • Cassini crater on the Moon
  • Cassini's Laws
  • 24101, an asteroid
  • Cassini's identity for Fibonacci numbers
  • Cassini web server

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